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Looking for a Job? Buy Trip Insurance

By Keshav Singh

One of the silver linings of being unemployed and look for a job is that you are pretty open in terms of making plans and doing fun things (provided you have any money to spend). But while it's nice to be a bit loose with your scheduling, it's important to hedge your bets in the event that you actually do get a job offer and have to say farewell to this laissez-faire approach to your personal life. Right now it may seem like you can definitely go to Vegas in two months with your friends on a cheap mid-week bender, but you don't want to be asking for time off as soon as you start work. So what should you do? Here's a simple solution:

If you're booking a trip while looking for a job, buy trip cancellation insurance so that you can get out of an awkward situation if need be. When shopping around for coverage, make sure you read the terms carefully and find out what the company's definition of "unforeseen circumstances" is. If you can't find anyone to cover "sudden, unforeseen employment," Travel Insurance Services offers a plan called Cancel For Any Reason, but it's a bit more expensive.

On the flip side, if you are considering going on a big trip but are scared that you might lose your job and no longer be able to afford it, trip insurance often covers "employer termination," but you may have had to have been employed continuously for three years or so.

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