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Laughing at Terrible Jobs with "Temp Life"

By Gradspot Dot Com

Being a temp is not something anyone aspires to do after graduating. With no job security and more pressure to not completely screw everything up than to do something great, it's a tough existence (although if you find a gig through a temping agency they usually will provide you with some benefits). Still, in this troubled economy, temping can tide you over until you land a full-time job. And there's another plus: when you're not answering phones or entering data, you'll have time to watch The Temp Life, a funny Web series produced by the staffing agency Spherion (who, by the way, sources for both temping and full-time opportunities).

Now in it's third season, Temp Life follows the trials and tribulations of two recent grads, Mark and Laura, as they get sent from one terrible gig to the next by the super-shady temp agency "Commodity Staffing." The show's creator, Wilson Cleveland, has an amusing turn as Nick "Trouble" Chiapetta, the slightly unhinged CEO of the agency. In the episode below, he cavalierly sends Mark off to be an actor in a "Broadway play":

The jokes don't always hit in Temp Life, but we fully appreciate the creators (and Spherion) for keeping it real and not trying to sugarcoat the realities of being a temp. In fact, it's pretty amusing that they poke fun at some of the positions they fill. Sure, temping can suck, but like all things that suck, it can also be pretty hilarious.

Check out some more episodes on The Temp Life's Facebook page, which conveniently also has job listings from Spherion; job listings that we're sure will be better than temping at Mikrosahft.

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