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Kelli & Eleanor's NYC Recession Dining Guide

By Jason Richards

$200pp meal at Per Se in the cards? I think not. Ten-course tasting menu at Daniel. Nope. McDonald's happy meal? Now we're talking. But every meal doesn't have to default to Micky-D's quite yet (unless, that is, you can't go a day without a McFlurry, which we wholeheartedly understand). Enter Kelli & Eleanor (bless their souls) and their NYC Recession Dining Tips. This handy pdf points out some deals to be had at medium-to-upscale establishments around NYC.

To be completely honest, we haven't vetted this guide. K & E could very well be part of the NYC restaurant PR scene. But nonetheless, it's worth taking a peek at and using as a starting point for finding a good value in NYC. At the very least, you can use the last page as a measure of how you're weathering the recession.

Kelli & Eleanor's NYC Recession Dining Guide [Hat tip: Andrew J.]

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