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Hilarious Gap-Year Emails

By Christopher Schonberger

Usually when people go on a gap year after graduation, they send their parents emails about all the lovely people they've met and the amazing cultural experiences they've had, wisely choosing to leave out the bits about psychopathic hostellers and 48-hour peyote-fueled benders. But sometimes, you only have 30 seconds of credit left at the Internet kiosk and you just can’t be bothered to weave a web of lies any longer. That’s when emails like these happen.

They’re all classics, but here’s one of my favorites:

MUM, guess what happened to me last night (in Sydney)?
We were walking back to the hostel and some guy jumped out of his car and whacked me across the head with a hammer? The bit you take nails out with. Then he punched George in the face and drove off. Fine now, Simon.

The hilarious gap-year emails that never reassure parents [via The Daily Mail]

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