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Highsnobiety: The Weekly 5

By Gradspot Dot Com

From Fila tennis classic to Eva Mendes' breasts...the week in flyness:

Vans Rasta Pack
Are "rasta" colors played out? Will Bob Marley ever get old? Not if Vans has anything to say about it.

Wallpaper x Fila Polo Shirts
These days Fila is struggling with it's identity, but it's throwbacks like this that remind us of a time when the brand ruled the court with its classic, Borg-inspired striped polos.

Nike Beijing Olympics USA Pack
The Olympics are finally here, which means special edition sneakers are dropping faster than marathon runners in the Beijing heat. Here's the latest from Nike.

Douglas Laing 20 cl Old Malt Cask Whiskey
Malt whiskey is delicious. These awesome bottles literalize the notions of "grandpa's medicine." Definitely a class addition to the liquor shelf.

Eva Mendes x Calvin Klein
Did I just see what I think I saw!? This too-hot-for-TV ad is getting a lot of attention for a little nipple.

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