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Highsnobiety: The Weekly 5

By Gradspot Dot Com

Victim x Manhattan Portage Wool Collection
No recent grad is complete without a fresh messenger bag, and nothing is more classic than the simple red logo of Manhattan Portage. Get on your single speed Schwinn and roll.

Bape x The Godfather "Marlon Brando" T-Shirt Part 2
Godfather connoisseurs will appreciate this extra-clean Marlo Brando tee, dropping soon from Bape. Note: it comes in a champagne bottle!

MF Doom & Madlib Present – Madvillainy 2: The Box Set
Stones Throw has made the 2004 instant classic available again, rejiggered by Madlib. Those interested in something different should grab the digital album, but true hip-hop heads might want to pony up for the whole package (CD, unreleased demo tape, comic book, and more).

Martin the Tailor
If you've got 8 minutes, enjoy an amazing video about an amazing man. "This is the story of Martin Greenfield, a man who went from working in a workroom in a concentration camp in Germany to the owner of a garment factory and a tailor to many an important person."

Timex 80 @ Oki-ni
Turn back the (digital) clock with these colorful wrist pieces for ladies.

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