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Highsnobiety: The Weekly 5

By Gradspot Dot Com

Highsnobiety is the premier website for street fashion, design, and culture. To help recent grads stay super fly, Highsnobiety Editorial brings its "Weekly Five" exclusively to Gradspot.com.

No Mas Vintage Tees
This new tee collection from No Mas riffs off the world of sports betting, offering throwback designs based on horse-racing, boxing, and cards. The Ray Mancini design is particularly fresh.

Wine Cork USB
The USB is fast becoming another pertinent display of self expression. Designer Arwye Wan appeals to the wine snob in everyone with his cork based memory stick—just beware of looking like a lush in the office.

Superga Kicks
Italian shoemakers Superga show love to the ladies with these gold and silver numbers. Aggressively awesome, or just aggressive? Guess that depends on your style…

Gabriel Urist x Boston Celtics Jewelry
The NBA Finals started last night, and the excitement that this classic Celtics-Lakers match-up brings to the league is electric. If you’re a Boston fan or just a fan of history, represent with one of these appropriately understated pieces from Karmaloop. It’s about as classy as you can get while still wearing jewelry featuring the logo of a professional sports team.

North Face Purple Label
Between world travels, weekend jaunts, and business trips, recent grads get around, and so they need some luggage that’s versatile and durable. North Face delivers the perfect solution with this sleek, high-quality line.

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