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Happy Valentine's Day, GSpotters!

By Christopher Schonberger

Tomorrow, "GSpot" takes on a whole new meaning. Why? Because it's Valentine's Day: a day on which single people feel lonely and depressed, people in committed relationship wonder what on earth they are thinking being in a committed relationship, and tons of fools waste money on prixe fixe meals that they discovered at the last minute in order to "save face."

Is that about right, or am I just a huge hater? I'll let you be the judge. But just to prove that I'm not a stick-in-the-mud, here are some fun V-Day links that I've wrangled from around the Web. Have fun, and remember to "rubber up."

Valentine's Day Breakfast in Bed The quicker you get the pampering out of the way, the sooner you can get to back to living your life! (via Chowhound)

How Not to Ruin Valentine's Day A gentleman's guide to acing St. Valentine's Day (via TimeOut New York)

What Hookers Do on Valentine's Day Because you've always wondered, but (hopefully) never knew (via Daily Beast)

The Complex Valentine's Day Mixtape It ain't V-Day without Kelz and Jodeci (via Complex)

Papa John's Love Pizza Is a Lie Nooooooo! Time to resort to Plan B! (via Consumerist)

And finally...a little bit of Alan Partridge for the lovebirds.

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