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Happy Holidays from Gradspot.com!

By Gradspot Dot Com

It's been an exciting year here at Gradspot, and we want to thank everyone who came to the site, left a comment, shared an article on Facebook, told their friends about us, or did anything else to support "the cause." To show our gratitude, we will continue to offer The Gradspot.com Guide to Life After College for free!!!!

We'll be taking a little R&R time over the coming week, but we look forward to hitting the ground running January with a lot of new content and features, including a recession-crushing series of 30 job-hunting tips in 30 days. Enjoy the holidays and have a very happy new year. We'll see you on the flipside!

In the meantime, enjoy the greatest modern addition to the Christmas song canon: "All I Want for Christmas," by Mariah Carey. Recently, it literally blew our minds to learn that Mimi actually wrote this song herself (with a little help from song-writing legend Walter Afanasieff). Unbelievable!

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