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Halloween Costumes for Grads

By Lauren Levinson

While it habitually snowed every Halloween on my college campus, not a soul was found wearing winter gear (unless we are counting Santa’s Sexy Helpers). While the ladies were as underdressed as possible (and by underdressed, I don’t mean Casual Fridays), the men resembled the mascots found on The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade floats. But now that we are not on campus anymore, it’s time to toss out the skanky Scarecrow costume and learn how to dress appropriately inappropriate for All Hallows’ Eve. We must acknowledge that fine line between slutty and sexy or freaky and funny. Here are a few tips as to how to successfully accomplish the perfect post-grad trick-or-treating getup.

Use Your Wit

A girl friend of mine plans to go out on October 31st wearing a turtleneck tucked into high-waist jeans. When asked who she is, she plans to respond, “Your Mom.” Give your friends a reason to have an “aha!” moment when you deliver the punch line of your costume. Find more suggestions at The Costume Idea Zone. My personal favorites are “Taco Belle: Wear a Southern Belle outfit complete with a hoop skirt. Top it off with a sombrero. Speak Spanish with a southern drawl” and “Booty Call: Attach a telephone to your rear end.” However, stay clear of costumes so creative that they are creepy, such as “Bloody Mary: Dress normally and wear a nametag that says ‘Hello I’m Mary.’ Then cover yourself in fake blood, bandages, bruises, etc.”

Stick with Tradition

While there is no need to replicate Lindsay Lohan’s freakish fashion statement as a dead bride in Mean Girls (tip: if you are wearing fake teeth, you have gone too far), a classic Halloween costume is definitely cool. Sometimes the most obvious thing is what the least amount of people will choose. Stand out as a ghost, pumpkin or witch. Take something that is traditionally associated with Halloween, such as candy, and give it an innovative twist. For instance, last year, friends of mine made togas out of plain white sheets and covered little pieces of candy to every inch of the cloth. Their costumes were eye-candy in more ways than one.

Impersonate Cast Members

Going out with a crew? Each of you can take a role as one of the members of a cast. This can be executed by choosing trendy characters, such as the cast of High School Musical or Entourage, or old-school characters, such as the cast of the 90210 or Full House (if fights emerge over who gets to be Baby Michelle, remember that two can play this part—one Mary-Kate and one Ashley). Recent reality television stars are also original. Bring together an inter-sexed group and go as the cast of Top Chef Season 3 by all wearing chef hats, white coats, and name tags such as “Dale,” “Hung,” and “Casey” (but I shotgun being Padma!).



Actually, I've found the opposite: kids in my college were more likely to dress creatively (Jamaican bobsledding team, a shower, 3 blind mice, Flava Flav with entourage, etc), or even creepily (aborted fetus). But now that I'm in the real world, I'm around uncreative costumes again... like slutty cop, ew. I think by the time you're pushing 23 you need to get with the program and act classy year-round, instead of using Halloween as an excuse to wear the ass- and boob-bearing outfits your parents wouldn't let you normally wear in high school.

I disagree however with the no Bloody Mary tip; I think creepy can be funny, or maybe I'm just a horrible person. My costume this year: Miss Runner-Up. I had the dress, sash, and heels, but with running mascara and bloody wrists. It got rave reviews.

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