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A Guide to the Summer in NYC

By Stuart Schultz

Every May, a chain email circulates with a guide to NYC in the summer including selected outdoor restaurants, selected outdoor bars, and a list of the most popular events (e.g., The Big Apple BBQ Block Party, Concerts in the Park, and more). While most of the restaurants and bars tend to land on the pricier side, it at least gives you a running start for finding outdoor spots, and the events/concerts portion is comprehensive and great.

We've dug up the 2008 edition and made it available to you. While most years the guide arrives as a word document, this year it was formatted into a PDF and Vanity Fair has taken credit for it (whether it's actually the publication or someone just assigning it to them is still up in the air). Nonetheless, if you're sticking around the city this summer, this guide will definitely come in handy.

Vanity Fair All Access Summer Guide NYC 2008 [Vanity Fair]

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