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The Gradspot Poetry Slam

By Tory Hoen

You’ve graduated… maybe a week ago, maybe a year ago, maybe ten years ago. Regardless, this is a rough transition. And like most rough transitions, it can only be managed through one possible means: some good, old-fashioned, angst-ridden poetry.

The ephemeral nature of youth? Unrequited love for your sexy co-worker? The road less traveled… or Wall Street?

Whatever your issue, it’s best to get it all out… in verse… on GradSpot. To get the ball rolling…

A Sharp Fang in the Moonlight
By Tory Hoen

near my apartment
stands a rodent station,
do they live here or do they die here?
were they educated here?
I can’t know.
New York is my rodent station,
Paris is my rodent station,
where I go to meet
other rodents, to drink wine,
to eat scraps, to discuss rat
relations, over thimbles of grappa.
it was easier when the parent rats
paid for the thimbles, but they taste
even better now that I can’t afford them.
another round, please,
grappa thimbles all around.

500 Degreez
By Gritz

What is a degree?
But a notch on the belt of a scholar
The consummation of a boozy tryst.

What is a degree?
But a notch on the window unit
A few bucks on the energy bill.

A degree feels small in a vacuum
A piece of paper, a negligible dip or rise.
But I just graduated; I don't vacuum.

See, a degree of an angle grows large in space.
One degree in one-hundred years
Melted the ice cap on Mount Kilimanjaro.

And in fewer
You will change the world, too.
(But hopefully not ruin it.)

Ok, GradSpotters. It’s your turn to let it all out. Please post poems below.



Don't call me "angst ridden".
Call me angry.
Don't call me "frustrated".
Call me "hungry".
Don't say it's "rough".
Say it sucks.
I'm not gonna "get through it".
I'm gonna make it my own.
Don't say "the real world is scary".
I gotta wade through crap to make the world see me.
I don't "transition".
I snap-crack-change.

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