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Grads Run on (Free) Dunkin' Donuts

By Christopher Schonberger

Gradspotters, today is the greatest day of the entire calendar year. A day on which the most delicious drink on the face of the earth literally flows like water. I’m talking about FREE ICED COFFEE day at Dunkin’ Donuts!

The promotion started at 10am and will run until 10PM, so you’d better get moving if you want to try to hit every location in your state. Other than an incredibly hopped up disposition and perhaps a constant need to go to the bathroom, there will be no evidence that you have already been to several other DDs.

Free coffee is the jam, no doubt. But oddly, I think I might be even more more excited by the return of “Flavorology,” which has now been redubbed “The Flavorcaster” and is available in virtual form. Simply type in your name and mood, and instantaneously thou shalt have thy flavor of choice. Nearly three years ago, I used the Flavorology wheel to decide whether or not to date my girlfriend. Needless to say, we’re still together. But maybe the appearance of The Flavorcaster means it’s time to reassess…

This is all getting a bit ominous and weird, so I will say to myself what Lil Wayne has said before: “You look a little salty, have yourself a chill coffee.” Enjoy your flavored iced coffees, buddies!

Free Iced Coffee Day at Dunkin Donuts [Find a Location]

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