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Give Your Credit Score A Boost

By Sarah Collins

College Candy has a useful post on 5 Ways to Boost Your Credit Score. In particular, here's one simple tip that often gets overlooked.

2. Put your name on the bills.

It’s a luxury to have parents who help you out in college. However, if the ‘rents pay your cell phone bill, sign for your campus housing, or let you drive their car around for four years of higher education, you won’t have very strong credit references when it’s time to get out on your own. Many apartment complexes want to see that you’ve been a good, rent-paying tenant in the past, for example. If you only have your parents’ credit to go by, they might have to co-sign for you as gauranteurs, which still doesn’t necessarily prove how responsible you are when it comes to managing bills and paying off debts. Even if you start small, like keeping a cell phone plan in your name, you’ll be off to a good start.

5 Ways to Boost Your Credit Score [via College Candy]

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