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FPF: Week of August 24

By Chris Zoia

This week in Front Page Flash: Pakistani prime minister resigns, US and Poland seal a missile deal, Russia continues to occupy Georgian territory, Olympics Roundup, Alligators swim the streets of Florida, and Election Update!

Musharraf Resigns, Terrorists Respond [New York Times]
Two suicide bombers attacked a Pakistani arms plant yesterday, killing over 60 people. This attack is the deadliest yet perpetrated by the Taliban in its campaign against the Pakistani government. The bombing of the ordnance factory occurred just days after the resignation of American-supported Prime Minister Pervez Musharraf, and it targeted a symbolic industry that Pakistanis thought was "virtually impregnable." In the wake of the attack, Pakistan's rival political parties are still haggling over who will succeed Musharraf, complicating an already unstable political situation in the nuclear-armed nation.

US-Poland Missile Deal Upsets Russia [BBC]
The United States and Poland signed a missile shield deal this week that will move part of the US' missile defense system to Polish soil. The US stated that this defense system will help protect America and much of Europe from a nuclear strike from "rogue states" such as Iran. The Russians however, are not buying it, nor are they comfortable having US missiles so close to Russia. An infuriated Moscow even went as far as to warn that this new US base could become the target of a nuclear strike. Condi Rice then emphasized the defensive nature of the shield and again reiterated that it is merely a security measure meant to make the US and Poland more secure in the face "of the threats of the 21st Century." The negotiations for the missile deal have been on-going for 18 months, but Russia's recent invasion of Georgia—a pro-Western democracy—hastened the process and led it to a conclusion this week.

Russia Blocks Georgian Main Port City [brietbart.com]
Despite the signing of last week's peace accords, Russia is taking its time withdrawing from Georgia. Russian forces dug trenches and began building permanent fortifications in strategic areas of Georgia on Thursday, raising concern in the West that Moscow's intent is to continue occupying its neighbor. The Russian military took up positions at the main Black Sea port city of Poti, blocking a key bridge with armored personnel, and are also controlling the central Georgian city of Gori and the small village of Iogeti, about 30 miles from Tibilsi, the capital. Despite these occupations, Russian President Medvedev assured the international community that he would withdraw his troops by Friday according to the points stipulated in the peace accords.

Olympics Roundup:
Two Olympians made history this week: everyone caught Phelps Fever as American swimmer Michael Phelps became the only athlete to ever win 8 gold medals in one Olympic Games. On the ground, Jamaican Usain "Lighting" Bolt became the fastest man on earth, breaking the world record in the 100-meter and 200-meter races. He is the only Olympian to ever break world records in both races. And the American women's soccer team upset Brazil Thursday night, beating Brazil 1-0 in overtime and taking home the gold.

Water Cooler Story: Alligators in the Streets
Tropical Storm Fay ravaged parts of Florida on Thursday, pouring record-breaking rain that flooded the streets. In the aftermath of the flood, homeowners were warned of an alligator swimming in the streets.

Election Update:
Obama and McCain are statistically deadlocked in the polls this week, something worrisome for Democrats who believed they would win in November hands down. Obama tried to break the tie by appealing to voter's pocketbooks in Virginia on Thursday, yet economists continue to say that the tax plans for both candidates will bankrupt the treasury.

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