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Fish Night: Cod with Cherry Tomatoes

By Nick Schonberger

Back in my days as a fellow at the NB Whaling Museum, I ate a simple meal with Klaus Bartlemus, the world's leading expert on whaling. Klaus was also an expert on eating odd foods. He'd consumed the eye of a sturgeon and a whole small bird. He offered to cook us dinner, and to my surprise offered a very simple dish... roast cod with cherry tomatoes.

The meal is a truly lovely end to a cool spring day. Seasoned with olive oil, salt, pepper, and roasted for about 15 minutes, the fish is light and flaky. Serve with steamed rice tossed with a bit of cilantro. A side salad if you're feeling ambitious.

You Need:

* Cod (adjust for number of diners)
* Olive Oil
* Salt
* Pepper
* Cherry tomatoes
* Rice
* Cilantro

How to Cook:

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. While it's pre-heating, season the fish with olive oil, salt and pepper. Place in deep baking dish and add the tomatoes, whole if you like, or halved. When the oven is ready, toss the fish in and Roast for 15 or so minutes, until the fish flakes easily.

For the rice, steam in a rice cooker if you can. Otherwise, place 2 cups water to 1 cup rice in a large pot, bring to boil and allow water to absorb. Take off heat. Remember, the rice is not yet done, allow it to sit for 20 or so minutes to fluff up nicely. Toss with cilantro.


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