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First Date Etiquette: The Perfect First Date Spot

By Mr. and Mrs. Smith

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and given the discussion of pre-date prep in our first column, picking the perfect first date spot is crucial to your plan. Remember, no state dinners; barbecues with your brothers and sisters can come later; and even though you may love dear old Mom and Dad, it sure isn’t time to bring your possibly special someone over to meet the family.

Mr. Smith

Every guy should have up to three first date locations in reserve. This accomplishes two things. First, on the off chance a relationship actually develops from this one romantic engagement, and your special someone asks you to remind her of that special evening, you’ll get it right. Joking aside, if you have first date spots in reserve, you’ll get to know the menu, wait staff, and maitre d’. I can’t impress upon you enough how important this can be.

That being said, what is a perfect first date spot? Something cozy, intimate, and hip, but not flashy. There is no perfect first date spot, young padawan, there is only your perfect first date spot. It’s a place where you’re comfortable, which can allow you both to have a good time. Since you should have up to three options, make sure to pick the one that will best suit her (if your top spot is a falafel joint, and you know she hates falafel, switch to a reserve).

Lastly, never settle for just drinks—they can be the after party. Allow yourself and your female companion that last semblance of rococo interaction that men and women have these days. Devote your evening to her and her alone, and see what rewards are achievable.

Mrs. Smith

Perfect dates are hard to design. It depends completely on whom the date is with. Think about the type of girl you’re taking out and try and do something that you think she’ll enjoy, but also someplace where she’ll feel relaxed and can be herself. If you know she’s quiet and laid back, don’t take her to a hot new club. If you know she hates getting dressed up and gets self-conscious around strangers, don’t bring her to a back-tie gala. Also, be careful when it comes to picking super trendy or expensive places—just because you might think it’s okay to spend $300 on dinner doesn’t mean she will, and, more importantly, she may be distracted by your wallet instead of paying attention to who you are. If you’re just beginning to get to know each other, try somewhere quiet so you can talk to her and see what she has to say. After all, if she’s telling you she hates raw fish, then you’ll know where not to bring her on the next date!

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