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Embracing the "Unemploymentality"

By Christopher Schonberger

If you've been laidoff or are 3-plus months into a job-hunt that has no end in sight, you may have experienced that moment of epiphany where you think, "Wow, I have so much free time on my hands." Trolling through Craiglist and catching up on the Chelsea Lately may take the lion's share of the morning, but then what?

A couple jobless San Franciscans decided to carpe the diem and pour their creative reserves into a blog about being unemployed. Full of self-deprecating wit and mildly depressing tales of woe, Unemploymentality seems to operate under the premise, "When life hands you lemons, blog about them." Topics include The Baller's Guide to Recession Dating, Sexing Up Your Resume for the Recession, and the heart-breaking Recession deprives dog of snausages. Why God, why?.

Unemploymentality [via Portal-A Interactive]

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