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Election Essentials: No Punditry Intended

By Christopher Schonberger

While it's fun to watch blowhards like Bill O’Reilly and Keith Olbermann when you’re drying off on the couch completely naked (though you might look a bit suspicious if your roommate walks in), TV is not really a time-efficient way to consume political punditry. Between all the commercials and useless banter, you’re better off grabbing some good old-fashioned print media if you’re interested in what the commentators have to say about this exciting time in U.S. politics.

No Punditry Intended is a new site I started with some college friends to make it a little easier to stay on top of the "pundisphere." We provide non-partisan reviews and rankings of 60 of the most well-know columnists in the country. Scroll through the column summaries to see what issues people are talking about, pick out the top-rated articles to read in full, and check out our “punditry of punditry” if you agree that the pundits need a does of their own medicine from time to time. Hope you enjoy.

No Punditry Intended

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