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Craigslist Casual Entounters EXPOSED

By Dan Marley

I don’t think that I’ve ever exhibited such perverted glee as when my friend told me recently that he had met a girl through Craigslist’s mythical “Casual Encounters” section. Despite dropping numerous references to it in conversation, I really knew nothing about what "encounters" really entailed or how casually I should actually dress if I decided to pursue one.

I could give you my friend’s phone number to hear his story, but to be honest it’s pretty tame and depressing. Instead, I will direct you to New York Magazine’s weekly “Sex Diaries” feature on its blog. For those who like smut that is arguably not NSFW because it comes from a “reputable magazine,” check out last week’s edition: Casual-Encountering Retail Merchandiser. (And here’s another.)

Mad commenters claim these are fake, probably because the notion of actually having sex with another human being is beyond their comprehension. Let’s just say this: They are like A Million Little Pieces, only with fewer needles and more erections. So basically a key improvement if you ask me.

Sex Diaries [NY Mag]

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