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Celeb Scholarships = the New Adopting Children?

By Sarah Collins

No, of course they're not. Celebrity-sponsored scholarship funds are rarely featured in People magazine because they just don’t sell copies like photos of Madge holding a cute Malawian kid, but College OTR recognizes eight great programs that deserve some recognition. For example, 50 Cent’s G Unity Foundation offers scholarships to 10 kids from the Bay Side Area of New York City each year. But apparently that's not nearly as interesting as the fact that he was yelling at his baby's mama in the street or he thinks he's better at rapping than Kanye West. This country...

Anyway, check out the article and think about the things you can do when you’re rich and famous to cultivate the next generation of grads. I’m envisioning a “Gradspot.com Scholarship Fund” as we speak…

8 Great Scholarships Offered by Celebrities [College OTR]

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