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Catch the Freelancing Fire

By Joan Mitchell

While many people think of freelancing as something that only struggling writers do (i.e., writing product blurbs for porno sites while they plug away at their “novel”), the fact is that almost every industry utilizes freelancers to some extent. With a little ingenuity, entrepreneurial recent grads can supplement their income or even make a living off non-salaried work.

If you're one of those “how do I exploit the current state of affairs” type of people, Freelance Switch has a guide to the 20 Hot Industries that Hire Freelancers. That means industries that are booming (e.g., green and eco-conscious campaigns) and have money to throw around, as well as industries that are tanking (e.g., real-estate) and need outsourced labor. Since many companies are stressing the need for an “online presence,” young Facebookin’ whippersnappers like us can offer skills that we gained over countless hours of doing nothing. Cash back!

While you’re getting on your grind, be sure to read up on ways to earn cash while you’re unemployed. And remember that being a fulltime freelancer is no excuse to not get healthcare.

20 Hot Industries that Hire Freelancers [via Lifehacker]

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