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To Catch a Celeb Lookalike

By Dan Marley

We’ve often talked about online dating, but let me be the first to point out the elephant in the computer lab when you’re cruising the corridors of eHarmony—you’re concerned that, logically speaking, anyone else on the site must be just as unhygienic, awkward, and depressed as you are. Or maybe that’s just me. But seriously, what if you don’t want to just meet other “normal,” “nice” people? What if you want to scoop Lindsay Lohan but don’t have access to high-profile L.A. clubs or rehabilitation centers?

Celebrity Dating Network may be for you. Even if you can’t find Lindsay (I’m 100% you can’t), you can at least find someone who claims to look like her. Hmmm…needless to say, this service sets of all sorts of BS signals, so let me just let some of the more interesting FAQs speak for themselves:

  • Are all the people on this site celebrities? Only a very small percentage of the people on the Celebrity Dating Network are actual celebrities ( though that number is growing). Most people are just looking for someone with a certain resemblance to someone.
  • Why does CelebrityDatingNetwork.com make it possible for people to find someone who resembles their ex? Since there are so many people walking the Earth yearning for a long lost love we felt this technology would make it possible for a lot of users to find a visual surrogate or substitute for their former sweetheart. Sometimes the best way to mend a broken heart is to find someone who looks just like your ex.
  • How strong are the celebrity resemblances? Everybody on earth sort of looks like someone else. Each individual who joins CDN will be asked to select the name of a celebrity they sort of look like and then to self rate the strength of that resemblance on a scale of 2 to 10. The higher the number the greater the resemblance to a celebrity. People who visit CDN will also be asked to rate the level of resemblance of the people they see on here and to select a number. The self ratings and the group ratings will then be combined to generate each members Celebrity Resemblance Rating.

I look like Tony Hawk. Please find me the real Alyssa Milano. Thanks, Dan.

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