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Buy U A Drank


Back in the salad days of college, the consequences of a little bit o’ binge drinking were generally limited to raging hangovers and egregious charges on your parents’ credit card. Once full-time jobs and societal pressure to “act your age” kick in, however, it becomes increasingly difficult to coax friends into an all-out bender.

Fortunately, a few industrious alcoholics have learned to use the Internet and created a site to ensure that peer pressure is still alive, well, and more mobile than ever. At BuyYourFriendADrink.com, you can buy and send drink gift certificates good at over 130 bars in NYC, Boston, Los Angeles, Washington DC, San Diego, New Orleans, Chicago, and Biloxi. Drinks credits can even be sent via text message in the event of a drinking emergency, like the termination of a job or a vicious break up…or St. Patrick’s Day.

So now, when you’re enjoying a night out on the town and feeling nostalgic about kicking back some of grandpa’s old cough medicine with your college cronies, you can mobilize to invite them out for a round or two. They will just be in a different city. But hey, at least when you slide a few shots of the hard stuff their way, you won’t have to be there to deal with aftermath of the morning after. I’ll drink to that.

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