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Brew Your Own Recession Beer

By Jason Richards

OK, not an actual "recession beer." More like a nice dark porter. For those interested in a little DIY experiment, The Simple Dollar blog has a very helpful walkthrough and cost breakdown of brewing your own beer.

Personally, I wouldn't stress the money-saving aspects of this approach to drinking too much, because the fact is that a few mistakes can yield your brew undrinkable, and the time spent could easily be used to earn some extra cash in other ways. Also, if you drink Keystone Lights instead of craft beers anyway, you probably won't even find it cheaper.

However, if the recession has left you with a lot more free time on your hands, why not get them dirty with a fun and rewarding project you can share with friends?

Bonus: 10 Ways to Save Money Ordering Wine [via WSJ]. It's music to my ears to hear that it's actually smarter to order the cheapest bottle on the wine list than the second cheapest.

A Walkthrough and Cost Breakdown of Brewing Your Own Beer [via Lifehacker]

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