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Breakfast: No Longer Just for Dinner

By Joan Mitchell

For those of you who have started eating lunch at 11:15AM or recklessly ordering five-shot lattes on an empty stomach, perhaps it’s time to reconsider that good old “most important meal of the day” that your grandparents used to tell you about. To get the bacon sizzling, New York Magazine has put together The Breakfast Manifesto, a “thorough examination of the sternest, most-skipped meal of the day.”

As usual, the folks at NY Mag mix in a health dose of “general interest” information amidst the Manhattan-specific tidbits. The 100-cereal taste test is impressively exhaustive, but unfortunately it only includes gross “New Age” cereals from Whole Foods. The expose on caffeine addiction and the science of breakfast are worth a read, though. If you can’t get through it all, maybe bookmark the page for tomorrow…over breakfast!?!?

The Breakfast Manifesto [NYMag]

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