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Borat Meets Zoolander in a New Web Series

By Keshav Singh

There’s an age-old question that every man (except Brad Pitt), at one point in his life must ask: “Can I get your number?” But how many people can do it with the charm and tact of g-list celebrity and model, Fabrizio Breinza?

Welcome to DiGiTs, a new Internet show following "Fabrizio" as he trolls the streets of NYC trying to pick up chicks (we almost want to root for the guy). It's actually funny to watch him operate (who doesn't laugh at rejection, as long as you aren't the one getting rejected). And if you won’t take our word for it, will you take Wes Craven’s? Seriously.

Follow more of Fabrizio's skillz on the DiGiTS YouTube Channel >



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