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The Alpha Clown of Craigslist

By Christopher Schonberger

Speaking of Casual Encounters…ladyz, meet Mr. Right! He iz HERE and, perhaps even more frighteningly, he’s WAITIN ON U! This personal ad defines new levels of clowning, but I can’t really knock the hustle. He’s clearly done the math and realized that if a picture is worth a thousand words, 30 pictures must be worth, like, way more than that. Check out the his “sentence” introduction and extensive photo shoot. I guess it does the job—here are some things you’ll learn about "Mr. Right":

  • He is a sucker for plastic sunglasses and has probably dropped AT LEAST $45 on them in the past year.
  • He is a master of the self-portrait, and may or may not know how to operate his digital camera on a timer.
  • He hangs out in places with columns that are painted royal blue (also known as “schools”).
  • He once went to a wedding and took some nice photos…extraneous information?
  • He got a full tax rebate this year! (By my count he is literally holding $600 in those pics.)
  • He loves giving people the finger.
  • He watches FX!? (Fifty bucks says he’s a Dharma and Greg fan.)
  • He may have a child.
  • He has yet to learn to tie his shoes.
  • Facial hair is his forte.

So, what do you think, ladies? Is this the rubric for "Mr. Right"? I hope so…as soon as I find an air-brushed tee-shirt of the Joker I’m pretty much there! [via Gawker]

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