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30 in 30: Who Is Your Professional Hero?

By Gradspot Dot Com

Want to land your dream job? Time to seize the carpe and stop being shy! Many people think it is unfathomable to contact someone they’ve never met, particularly if that someone is successful. But imagine if everyone felt that way? Where would these successful people find their sycophant protégés? Believe it or not, some people like “giving back” and mentoring the next generation, so what do you have to lose?

Cold-calling your favorite journalist or a billionaire hedge fund manager might be a tad aggressive, but if you can track down an email or mailing address there’s no harm in saying (in so many words), “From where I’m standing, you have the best job in the world. Any advice on how to get there?”

In the worst case, you get no response. In the best, you get a thoughtful response, a coffee meeting with a hero of yours, or maybe even a job opportunity.

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