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Asked by MLE on Nov. 11, 2010
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What if I have no experience in what I want to do?


I'm a senior psychology major, and though I enjoy it, I now realize I don't want any sort of job in psychology. Over the years I've become more interested in non-profits and environmental issues, but I have yet to take a single Environmental Studies class. How do I get into this field when they only seem to be looking for Environmental Studies majors?



I also majored in psychology; and I also realized that I did not want anything to do with it upon graduating. For the people who know EXACTLY what they want to do when they finish college, I'm very envious! That being said, try out an internship. I invested 180 hours in a Marketing/Communication firm at a city nearby; and it gave me more experience then I had before; enough experience to pursue a Marketing Assistant position.

We're young, try to keep that in mind. Therefore, what do you have to loose?


I totally agree with Chelsea. Internships are a great way to get experience. There are tons of internships and resources to find them out there.


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