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Asked by millyjones on Dec. 12, 2019
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What is Family?


Family is a group of persons bound by affinity, or common accommodation. It is also a group made up of parents and children living in the same homestead. The immediate members of the family in consideration include a spouse, brother, sister, parent, daughter and son. In such a family, there is a mutual interdependence among its members since a family is more than just a marriage. It is characterized by mutual acceptance since there is no judgment among the members. The family has unconditional love, as every member tries to provide for their family either financially or emotionally. The paper will examine a family, their religion and how it affects its members in their daily live.
The given family consists of spouse, parents, two sons, and three daughters. Family is important because its members love, protect, and take care of each other. It is seen as a conservative because family members take care of each other more than other families within the same locality. For example, this family is strict on their daughters hence they do not allow them to go out with their friends. Moreover, it does not waste money in order to buy toys for their sons. Therefore, it is strict on expenditure as they believe bad things can happen with their sons while playing with toy guns. Love among the family members is expressed in different ways. For example, in case of financial shortfall, family members help each other without expecting anything in return. Due to the conservative nature of this family, teenagers hate their parents with a passion. On the other hand, parents understand reasons that lead to such situation hence they love their teenagers in return. In the case, these teenagers chose the wrong path, parents and other adult siblings try to rescue them and later show them the right path. In addition, this family has potential for raising individual in compliance with acceptable moral values. Contrary, the family can also cause permanent problems to their members. As a result, family fail to nurture their members in right way as it has been an incident before. The effects of this family’s break down not only felt by the members but also other societal members since the family owns and runs a huge cereals store. As a result, the community will lose a reliable food supplier hence societal members incur extra costs when purchase cereals and other grains from other stores.
The family’s religion consists of a set of feelings, beliefs, practices and dogmas that determine the relationship between it and divinity. In addition, it is characterized by specific elements of society believes, sacred books, dogmas, worship, rites, moral descriptions, organizations, interdicts, and sacrament. These components make this family more conservative. Family members tend to devote much of their time to religion. In addition, women are supposed to take care of the old hence they spend much time in religious chores. Economic progress of this family is negatively affected by religion. Therefore, it members devote a lot of time to religion rather than running their store and other income generating activities. religion positively affect family’s education since religion educational perspectives and believes are similar to those of the given family. For example, both the religion and family believe that education begins in the latter. In addition, child’s success depends on his or her level of education.
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