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Asked by edesauss on Jun. 12, 2010
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Should I have a business card?


I'm entering my senior year in college and was wondering if I should have a business card. I realize so much is done online nowadays, but I thought it would be nice to have something to hand out to people that they can reference later on (or that may serve as a reminder?) I'm just not sure if it would be looked on favorably or unfavorably for a college student to have a business card; I was also wondering what I would put on it besides contact info and a link to my online resume (e.g., no job title or companies to list just yet). Any insight?



I thought it was stupid to have business cards for a while but I thought about how many times you meet someone and then have no card to give them. It's a great tool because you never know when you will meet that right person to help you get ahead in your job. Plus you can get them for free from vistaprint. I think**


I am a senior college student and have had a business card for a few years now. Although I run a web/graphic/marketing firm, which is the primary use for my business card. It still helps to maintain relationships with prospective clients, employers, contacts, etc. Depending upon what you want to do, there is still some way you can use that card to market yourself. I've designed cards for a few of my friends to help with their job search, and it doesn't hurt to stipulate a Freelancing (insert major) Consultant, or something that will make you stick out. For example, one of my friends is looking to get a job with audio production so his card simply states that he is a Freelancing Audio Engineer.

If you think a card would help you out...feel free to email me and I can help you out ( mikeATsilversixmedia.com)


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