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Asked by freyacollins on Dec. 23, 2019
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The Relationships amongst Western Religions


The religion appeared a long time ago during the early man life. As time went by, it continued to develop from one stage to another from simple structural organization to complex systems. The main difference between different phases of its development is the level of freedom that increased. Consequently, the modern day religion is characterized by freedom as places of worship try to embrace this concept while the believers are not tied like earlier.
The three most common western religions are Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. These three religions are found in almost all parts of the world. More importantly, they belong to the Western tradition and are widespread in the western world. Their teachings and beliefs tend to agree in some earlier controversial issues affecting the societies today. The issues range from the role of women in society and their early agenda to spreading their influence in the world. The current paper discusses the connections that exist between Abrahamic religions and their relation to the role of women in the modern society.
These three religions agree on the fact that the whole universe was created by the Supreme Being, the God. It is evident that more than the half of the world population professed Christianity, Islam or Judaism. Therefore, their teachings concerning the role of women in society are greatly related to each other. The unjust oppression of females is thus due to misinterpretation of the scriptures in the Holy books. Women in the Bible are regarded as equal beings. In fact, the Bible states that they are companions to men. On the other hand, Islam encourages the unit of man and woman. This religion is regarded as the protector of mankind, and therefore, protects the right of women through scriptures that insist on man respecting women at all levels. Apparently, there have been misconceptions where Islam as a religion is considered to encourage the oppression of women. A closer look into the Quran teachings confirms that these are false assumptions by those who have not closely studied the book.
The Jews women, in their turn, are granted equality just like their Islam counterparts. There is no double standard where a female is the only one required to cherish and adhere to the Ten Commandments set by scriptures. The role of women is clearly stipulated in Jewish scripture as of wife and mother. It is only in some rare cases that women in Judaism are not to perform other spiritual function. This exclusion from certain spiritual services is usually misinterpreted to imply that women have not equal rights. This prohibition is only to make sure that domestic responsibilities are not affected. A woman in Jewish religion is free to enter into a contract and do any business she may wish without any religious conviction hindering her rights. Moreover, a female is allowed to marry a man of her choice without being forced. Lastly, Judaism just like Islam teaching demands a man to respect and love his woman, and avoid any violence against her.
Christianity, just like the other mentioned religions, values the humankind. As such, the women in Christianity are free to determine their own destiny. The message from scripture depicts a woman as a companion rather than a slave. Females are free beings just like men. Furthermore, they are allowed to carry out productive economical activity but not at the expense of their domestic duties as wives and mothers. Additionally, men are to respect their women, and therefore, it forbids prostitution as it portrays women as sexuality tool rather than a companion. It is evident that the three main western religions share a common good thought regarding how women should be treated. These are the spiritual convictions that bind all the believers in these religions.
There are different types of religions, which are Christianity, Islam, and Judaism that are the main ones. Christianity and Islam are related in the sense that both originated from the same geographical location and cultural setting. It is believed that these two religions came into existence as a result of Jewish people migrations and Judaism traditions. Although the Jews dispersed all over the world, their religion survived, thus leading to the development of Islam and Christianity. Christianity was the first to come to the existence. This was after the death and resurrection of its founder Jesus Christ, the Messiah, who was born in the Jewish family. His death and resurrection as evident in the Bible, the Christian’s holy book, spearheaded the formation of the religion. Therefore, there is the promise of eternal life for those who have the faith.
Later on, after a period of five hundred years, there was the formation of the Muslim religion. It was founded by Muhammad who was the ultimate prophet. Though, there is a mention of Jesus as the Prophet of God, Muhammad is the ultimate chosen prophet of Allah. Judaism, on the other hand, is the mother of the two religions. The Jews believe they are chosen people of God from the time of Moses. Their journey through the wilderness from Egypt to the promised land of Canaan gave them a reason to believe in this. This traces back their history from Jacob, who was blessed by his father Isaac.
The three religions, which are Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, are all proselytizing religions. Therefore, it implies that all of them have tried to convert new believers. Moreover, the religions became involved in politics since they were entangled by rulers. For instance, Christianity and Islam inspired the formation of the expansion and conquest of empires. For example, the Islam provided laws that were used as tools for governance apart from justification for conquest. Both Christianity and Islam shaped governments that supported them. As a result, this led to the propagation of these governments thus expanding the empires. However, as the Jews dispersed all over the world, the Judaism religion spread equally up to Germany. Though most of them were killed by Hitler, today Judaism is present in most parts of the world including both Americas.
The spread of Islam and Christianity in other parts of the world like Europe, Africa, and West Asia was steady. Other cultures and belief system were fully absorbed by the rulers. Similarly, this was the case with Buddhism where the religion was spread by its missionaries who engaged the culture and belief systems in areas they penetrated. Buddhism itself grew and expanded in a philosophical and cultural environment. From the relations above, it is evident that all these relations had a common goal that was to spread their influence all over the world.
The early religion came to the existence when a man was still primitive. This was when he walked on four legs and ate roots. As time went by, man tried to understand the nature around him. For instance, at first it was believed that in the solar system the sun was revolving around the earth, which was regarded flat, but not the other way round. The early scientist or philosophers, who argued against this belief, were sentenced to death. The Roman Catholic Church in previous days was categorically harsh towards people who questioned the belief of the church. Those who came on the way of the church, which was the government machinery, were put to death. Later on, the same people were found to be right. Though, today, science has been embraced regardless of religious affiliation. Scientist, have the freedom to exploit and give knowledge to the world without being incriminated by churches. Additionally, religions are not used as tools to enforce law and instead the government through legislated laws is responsible for maintaining law and order.
Moreover, when it comes to the issues of environmental protection and conservation, various problems emerge. For instance, in early Judaism religion, mountains and forests were regarded as sacred places of worship. It is evident by the manner in which Moses received the Ten Commandments. The Supreme Being told him he was standing in the holy place. Therefore, people protected the sacred places of worship thus pleasing their God. It meant that a particular place of worship was guarded by the community as it believed that its God was living in those places. Coincidentally, the environment was protected for a different reason. However, today the environment is protected in order to maintain the habitat of other organisms and the ecological system. Additionally, it is done to ensure the hydrological cycle is maintained, and water catchment areas are preserved. In fact, it is an obligation of each and every person to conserve the environment.
From the above analysis, there are different religions all over the world with different belief system and culture. However, these religions have similarities to some extent in originality and their influence in society as seen amid Christianity and Islam. The political influence has been found to be driven by almost all these religions. Additionally, gender disparity is greatly regarded by the three main western regions, thereby making women free beings just like men. Lastly, religions in the past have been found to have a clearly different perception of science and environmental conservation and protection.
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