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Asked by Caleb9 on Jun. 16, 2022
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How do I write a synthesis essay?


The format of the paper can vary depending upon the type. However, there are three main sections to any synthesis essay.

The intro
The body
Writing synthesis essays is a skill that is essential for academic essay writers. It requires them to adhere to the format and present their ideas in a manner that the reader can understand. This section describes how to begin the essay, and then explains each section.

How to start a Synthesis Essay
Gather all of the required resources to begin your essay. You can make summary and notes about the important sections as you go. These summaries can be used to make judgements about the information. Literally combine the information. Find the relationships between synthesis essay topics, such as:

Do they complement each other?
Are there similarities? Do you see any differences? Compare and contrast.
What can they tell you? You will be amazed at the new ideas you can get by studying them.
Next, outline the essay. Writers recommend that you have a outline of 5-6 paragraphs. The introduction is the summary of the thesis. You can use three or four sections for your points and arguments. The conclusion is the last paragraph. The outline will enable you to clearly see your argument. You will also be able see the flow and structure of your thoughts throughout the essay.

The essay should be drafted in its first draft. Your introduction should contain a summary of all the major ideas within the piece. A catchy opening line is a good idea. You could use a quote that's not well-known but still provides useful insight. It could be an anecdote of an interesting statistic. The opening line should catch the attention of the reader. Next, describe briefly the topic and why you are writing the synthesis paper.

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