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Asked by Alice on Sep. 2, 2010
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How do I not hate myself for majoring in Theatre Arts?


After two years since graduating college, and getting a part-time, minimum-wage job at a TV station, I really, REALLY, hate that I majored in Theatre. More and more, I wish I had majored in English and Writing. I feel I would have had more skills that would have made me more useful in the long run. I could be working in publishing, magazines...at the very least, I could be an overqualified secretary or tutor...but at least I'd be making more than minimum wage. I just really hate myself right now. I'm trying to apply for other jobs, mostly through LinkedIn and Monster, but I still hate myself for not doing more with my education. How do I stop hating myself?




Do not hate yourselves. You majored in Theater for some reason. Right? May be you enjoyed it.

With your current situation of job with minimum wage you are forced to hate yourselves thinking you made a wrong decision. However, you can easily change that. Start your own blog and put your English Writing skills to use. Choose a niche which you are passionate about and start blogging on-line. You can probably make some money from ads on your blog too. If you do well and get noticed on-line publishers may hire you. Posting a blog link on linkedin would be good for your potential recruiters to check out your skills.

How not to hate yourselves:

Well if you want to hate yourselves, hate yourselves for not doing enough to eliminate the hatred. However, if you hate yourselves for choosing a major in past, forget it. The past is gone. It's over. If you let it affect you in any way. It will haunt you till death. Think about what you can do now.

I hope you get the idea.

PS: If you need help setting up a blog for free, I can help you out.


Theatre majors have more options than you may think; the skills you have been practicing for your degree are highly transferable: the confidence to perform, the ability to work together with other actors, high creativity, quick thinking, good memory. For the most part, theatre majors are outgoing (or at least know what the role looks like) and sociable, quick-witted and able to string two words together - so don't hate yourself. Look at all the skills you have both naturally and those you have gained through studying theatre and hopefully you will be able to apply them to a score of different jobs. Best of Luck!


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