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Asked by emilystafford on Dec. 30, 2019
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Environment and I


The modern world has so many temptations that it is easy to live only for your own pleasure and become an egoistic person, who does not care about the future of other people and the planet in general. Thus, deep in my heart, I have always been concerned about the environment and the detrimental changes caused by the global warming. Thereafter, the objective of the following paper is to discuss my views on environment.
I have a great concern for environment just because I love our planet as it brings much joy for me to watch the animals and plant as well as breathe the fresh air or swim in crystal ocean water. In addition to that, I enjoy upcycling and recycling and do not see it as a mandatory action, but an act that is pleasant to do. I believe that even if being an environmentalist was not welcome, I would still do that as it is what my heart wants. In general, people do not need that much clothes, and they can reuse the old one; the amount of plastic is unreasonably high, and it is more logical to use glass or clay. I think that people do not put much effort and research into inventing a type of material that would be harmless for the environment and would be used instead of plastic. This is a good opportunity to look into. I would like also to emphasize the importance of upcycling, which is the trend of turning the old ugly things into something beautiful and useful. I have travelled a lot and saw many places where people do it, and it brings benefit for the environment at the same time being a joyful process. I also think that if every person in the world would do a little to recycle water and reduce its consumption, it would make a huge difference in the future.
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