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Asked by vivianroberts on Dec. 30, 2019
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Childhood Hunger in the USA


In the epoch of high technologies and scientific progress there is the place for the issues of childhood hunger in everyday life of America. According to USDA’s report, 16,7 million children under 18 living in low incomes families face the problem of insufficient nutritious food, which is so essential for their healthy and active life (Coleman-Jensen et al., 2012). Therefore, the American society is greatly concerned about how to end childhood hunger. It has become important to search ways of fighting this social phenomenon, the methods of involving as many initiative and enthusiastic people as possible into the common matter. It is obvious, what it can turn out for the young generation of American nation, namely, there can be evident consequences from poor nutrition: mental and physical disability, degradation and even demographic shift in the nearer future https://bestwritingservice.com/dissertations-and-theses.html.

Children in need require appropriate support and assistance through being provided by access to a healthful diet and nutrition education. The idea of sufficient food security for kids is reflected in many projects and programs initiated by American businesses. Among the participants involved into the numerous Federal food and nutrition assistance programs there is the Denny’s restaurant chain, the most successful world’s top brand in the food service business. Taking into account a range of Denny’s business activities, the company should think about new brands which can be beneficial in fighting childhood hunger. There can be offered attractive business proposals for the company due to such orientations as: finance, charity, career and employment, education, which will be allowed to position itself in the business world as prosperous one. It is natural that the more people will be aware of Denny’s activities, the higher demand for their services will be, the higher coefficient of profitability the business will have.

Speaking about Denny’s contribution to education, it cannot help saying about its most remarkable project, namely the scholarship for high school and college students in generating the ideas which can really help in fighting childhood hunger. It could become a good idea for the project of mutual assistance because Denny’s can be expanding the network of fast food places, kids cafes to acquire free or reduced-price lunches or supplemental food packages for the children in need. It is a nice opportunity for senior students to acquire professions working for Denny’s. By investing and donating money Denny’s can improve access to nutritious food throughout the school year and give children a chance of doing recreational activities under supervision of the trained staff supplied with necessary facilities and equipment for fruitful work with children when schools are not in session.

The idea of fighting childhood hunger embraces most layers of American population. A priori it serves foundation for the measures aimed at well-being of American kids, tomorrow’s future of the country. Being engaged into these activities people display their willingness to help kids to end childhood hunger. Common matter is known to unite and bring people together.




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