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Asked by miacrown on Dec. 1, 2020
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Advanced Directives


While writers from https://exclusive-paper.net/ were working on the presented issue, a special attention was paid to the understanding of the term “advanced directive.” The leading goal of this paper is to provide clarity on the question of taking decisions by older people concerning the time when they will not be able to participate actively in their lives due to some reasons. Thus, I will discuss the essential nature of advanced care planning, its necessity, and importance in the quotidian usage.
Obviously, an advanced directive is a peculiar type of a living will (it is often named in the same way) that enables you to entrust with some recommendations and wishes the person you rely on. According to the fact, different states have different policies and laws regulating this issue. However, the majority of people cannot by themselves accomplish what they want. In that way, they have an opportunity to complete a list of their desires and provide special instructions for what they want to be fulfilled before or after their deaths.
As for me, I would prefer to hire a healthcare agent or a person I can trust to help myself “when the time comes.” It could be a person that I do not know, because only such person could follow all of the instructions despite the wishes of my relatives. It would be a well-minded decision that foresees the obligatory medical treatments.
To sum up, it is essential to outline that due to the creation of such “health care proxy”, I would develop the particular directives and set individual goals of what I want to achieve in my life. In the course of working on this item, I felt excited, serious, and more responsible than usual; as such task presupposes a reasonable approach to the process of taking decisions and arranging priorities.




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