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Gradspot.com, the survival guide to life after college, launches today.

Gradspot.com, the survival guide to life after college, launches today.

NEW YORK, New York, April 23, 2007

Gradspot LLC today announced that it has launched its Internet portal, Gradspot.com. The portal will serve as the survival guide to life after college. It will aid soon-to-be and recent graduates with the exciting yet daunting transition from college to the real world.

Company Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder, Matthew Demmer, sums it up: "from finding an apartment, to understanding health insurance, to figuring out the new dating game, graduating from college presents America's new graduates with a bevy of trials and tribulations. We've all been there. Unfortunately, most of us were also flying blind during this transition. We want Gradspot to be a place that demystifies some of the challenges the 'real world' presents to graduates as they settle into their new life."

Gradspot has spent the last couple of months researching and compiling materials for the launch, as well as developing its website and online tools. Today, Gradspot provides:

  • Articles
  • Tips and tricks
  • Discussion forums
  • A Facebook-integrated roommate finder
  • A Community
  • Expertise

2007 is going to be a marquee year for Gradspot. Gradspot will constantly be expanding, publishing hundreds of additional articles, widening community participation, and releasing new tools throughout the summer.

For further information contact:
Matt Demmer – matt@gradspot.com or (202) 251-4065


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