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First Roommate Finder Integrated with Facebook is launched by Gradspot.com

First Roommate Finder Integrated with Facebook is launched by Gradspot.com

NEW YORK, New York, June 11, 2007

GRADSPOT.COM today announced that it has launched the first roommate finder application on the Facebook platform. The Gradspot.com Roommate Finder allows users to search for potential roommates based on a range of preferences including, location, rent, personality traits, and living habits. By integrating its roommate finder application with Facebook, Gradspot.com leverages a social network of over 25 million Facebook users to help college students and recent graduates find their ideal roommate.

The Gradspot.com roommate finder enables users to:

  • Create and browse roommate profiles directly in Facebook
  • Instantaneously view users’ Facebook profiles and friends
  • Send messages to potential roommates through Facebook or email
  • Access and utilize the same profiles and features at Gradspot.com
  • Include an alert in their Facebook profile that lets their friends know that they are looking for a roommate

"Integrating the Gradspot.com Roommate Finder with Facebook is a big step forward in accomplishing our mission of helping soon-to-be and recent grads make the transition into the real world," said Stuart Schultz, Gradspot.com founder and CEO. "Finding a roommate to live with out of college is one of the first and most significant decisions we make after school. We hope that the Gradspot.com Roommate Finder makes this process - which can be difficult without resources or references - a cinch."

The Gradspot.com Roommate Finder can be accessed on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=2356566728 or on the Gradspot.com website at http://www.gradspot.com/rooms.

Kicking off the summer with Facebook integration is just the first of many features, tools, and content additions Gradspot.com plans to make in the coming months.

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