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Gradspot.com is Going Daily

Gradspot.com is Going Daily

Have you also been feeling that irksome sense of malaise?

No. Not because the weather’s about to get cold, work is about to get more intense, and the sweet, sweet summer nights of mojitos with friends are waning.

That feeling I’m talking about is the sadness that comes with browsing Gradspot.com, and not finding any new articles in sight. But don’t despair! That’s all about to end.

To kick September off right, we’re now publishing fresh daily material to keep you informed and entertained throughout the year. Divided into seven essential categories—

  • Apartment & Décor
  • Q&A
  • Travel
  • Career
  • Food & Drink
  • Culture
  • Dating

—you’ll find all the tips, tricks, tools, advice, and humor you ever wanted, written for you and your new life as a recent grad. We even have bloggers who are going to throw their hats in the ring and share their experiences, and people submitting links to other useful grad-oriented material around the web.

So stop by often to learn how to pick the perfect blender, land a hot new date for Saturday night, and climb your way to career glory. College is over, but the fun doesn’t have to end. Gradspot.com is here to keep you laughing, stress free, and in the know.

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